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Michael Convente May 15, 2010 0

Hello pnosker.com readers!  I'm Michael Convente, featured science writer for the site, and I look forward to blogging about numerous topics that I find interesting (and think you will find interesting as well!)  I've known Patrick for several years and I'm excited to join his team of writers at pnosker.com

You may be interested in what types of posts I will be making on this blog.  Clearly, science (and specifically, biology) is a passion of mine, so definitely expect posts in that genre.  I also enjoy technology and pop-culture with a bit of humor mixed in (think Wired Magazine), so also definitely expect posts in that nature.  Finally, I'm fairly active in all areas of politics, but keeping with the focus of this site, I will be providing political commentary only in instances where it relates to science, technology, and education (science policy, bioethics, higher education issues, etc.).

Keeping in line with my belief that constructive, intellectual debate is essential to hash out our differences of opinion – which is especially important in policy making – I encourage and welcome comments via email (mikeconvente@pnosker.com).  If I receive feedback that furthers the conversation about a particular topic I wrote about, I will add it to the bottom of my post, most likely with additional commentary.

If you are interested in knowing more about me, check out my "About Me" page.

Again, special thanks to Patrick for having me on the pnosker.com team.  I'm eager to start this blog and get a solid following of readers.


Mike C.

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