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Matthew Torino May 12, 2010 0

Here's the inaugural edition of The Weekly Gaming News as I branch out from just sports to all video games. Let's be honest, it was a little weird to just have sports video game news as nobody wrote about anything else besides the occasional post.

I'll also be combining the sports game news into one post a week with a just as amateur graphic. So off to the news…

Many sites have reviews of the soon to be released Alan Wake on Xbox 360. Go to to get a consensus of all the scores so far, which have been generally positive. 

IGN has previews of Little Big Planet 2 and Red Dead Redemption, the sequel to the critically praised Red Dead Revolver. For RDR, IGN talks about the conflict of being a hero or villain, with the choice being yours and yours alone. They really seem to be impressed with the world in the story and say it cries for a hero. The preview can be found here. As for Little Big Planet 2, IGN has reportedly "had their minds blown." This may be overstating it as I saw the original as overrated, nonsensically combining real life physics with cartoony environments. The online part was very creative, but when the best part of a game is ripping off other games, there is a problem. The sequel uses an intriguing concept however: a platform for other games, the way you want. One can essentially make movies based on the preview, changing cameras and using whatever sackbots may be. The full first look can be found here

Call of Duty Black Ops has officially been announced for Wii, after it was originally left off the list with the other consoles.

A Microsoft executive stated that Project Natal would be released this October, with Microsoft denying the report.

Here are the top selling games of 2010 so far, with Nintendo dominating.

Bethesda's going all out on the Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition.

EA's taking huge hits, nearly three quarters of a billion dollars, while gaming juggernaut Disney take $55 million loss. And by the way, both of those losses were trimmed.

That's all for this week. Stay tuned to for tech news, reviews, sports gaming (now compact!) and other exciting content!

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