An Overdue Review: iPod Touch 3G

Matthew Torino May 11, 2010 0

With the 4th generation iPod touch seemingly only weeks away, it's time to do an overdue review of the Apple iPod Touch 3G 32MB. It's not the most stable device, but it does get the job done.

In the interests of full disclosure, I bought my iPod touch 3G off of the amazon marketplace, open box. It looked brand new once it arrived and seemed to be working perfectly. Then as I was testing it out on my way to class, it just froze. I wasn't alarmed and just tried to reset it. Nothing. So I bailed out of class I was so distraught and tried to plug it into my computer. It said it was in recovery mode and needed to be restored. So I did that and then dreaded error 1604 popped up. My new iPod Touch was a brick.

So I brought it to an Apple Store while taking the public bus to get there and got a brand new one. So there won't be any concerns in this review about whether my issues were because it was used or not. It was new and there certainly have been issues.

I've had some issues with the wi-fi, but that's probably more due to my local wireless network being spotty. It's also more prone to resetting when the wi-fi is on than not. But these aren't make or break issues. However, the fact that one needs wi-fi as opposed to the wireless network of the iPhone is a big minus in terms of this iPod. 

I just have to wonder if getting the service for the iPhone is worth it. The Touch cannot connect while traveling, also known as the main time when one would use an iPod. My main usage is on the Rutgers buses and it just functions the same as the nano, but with more issues. Many of the apps are obviously useful only if one has wi-fi. I Heart Radio and Pandora are completely useless. Pretty much the only offline ones are games. But again, this is known when buying the device. These aren't exactly unknown going in. You can pony up for the phone or settle with the wi-fi nano.

My main issue is with the constant resets with the iPod Touch. My iPod mini reset 2 times in the 3 years I had it. My nano (3rd gen) reset a couple times a month, mainly when a song was on repeat. But this things has exceeded those two combined in the three weeks I've had it. It resets at least twice a day and usually when I'm in the middle of something. I'm stalking on facebook. BOOM. reset. I'm just walking down the street listening to Aaron Carter. BOOM. reset. Seeing what's doing on twitter. BOOM. reset. It's happened at least 50 times so far with once it ending up a brick and once needing to be put into DFU mode and restored. 

However, while this seems terrible, I'm probably just whining. For all the extra stuff it can do compared to the old nano and the Methuselah-esque mini, I'll take a few resets. I'd rather surf the internet and play games instead of just having the ability to listen to music and play TV quiz. 

The music functions essentially the same with the only change from the nano being the lack of a click wheel. The touch screen doesn't seem as responsive as the wheel but it isn't appreciably worse. It gets the job done.

I can't compare it to the other Touches simply because I haven't had them, but this one includes the updated OS and more power under the hood. I cannot compare the old reset problems, if there were any, but I know this was obviously the most advanced of the three.

There are rumors for the 4G to have a camera similar to the iPhone as well as a bounty of other new features. We'll just have to wait for Apple to release the details later. Though hopefully not by accident in a bar. 

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