Apple iPhone 4 OS Revealed!

Patrick Nosker April 8, 2010 0

In a mostly-expected announcement, Apple announced the iPhone 4 OS. With it comes the possibility of a next-generation phone this year. Prying eyes discovered with the release of the iPad that there should be two new iPhones (perhaps one for GSM and one for CDMA networks). The new OS will debut this summer for iPhone owners and this fall for iPad owners.


Included in the update:


Background Music

Unified Email inboxes (multiple accounts in one inbox)

Multiple Exchange account support (use your Gmail AND enterprise accounts at once)

Wallpaper on home screen (Custom backgrounds!)

iBooks (Yay Kindle!– syncing with your account and your iPad from your iPhone as well)

App Folders

Email attachment execution in other apps Game Center (Xbox Live for the iPhone)


And… the most interesting in terms of potential annoyance: iAds. Nobody's really sure yet what this is. The sad news is that not all iPhones will reap the benefits of this upgrade. iPod Touch, iPhone 3G and 2G (Original) will not be able to multitask, along with some other new upgrades and features. The upgrade is free for iPhone owners and $10 for iPod Touch owners.

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