Western Digital releases high-capacity VelociRaptor drives

Patrick Nosker April 6, 2010 0

Western Digital announced today that they have released two new VelociRaptor 10k RPM drives with 450GB and 600GB capacities.  The method used to boost capacity was increasing platter capacity by 50GB to a total of 200GB per platter for the 600GB drive.  Packed with 32MB cache and a 6-Gigabit-per-second SATA interface, this drive will surely break some speed records for SATA magnetic platter drives.  MTBF is expected to be 1.4 million hours, an increase from 1.2 million hours.  The methods used to increase longevity include removal of the head when not necessary, such as when the drive is off and during spin up and spin down.  Drives are again 2.5" but too large for laptops, and to fit in a desktop require the WD Icepack heatsink (similar to the one included on the 300GB variant.  Still, the drives are slower than modern SSDs.  Expect them to retail at over $299 for the cheaper variant, with a 5 year warranty.

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