OtterBox Defender iPhone Case Review

Patrick Nosker November 27, 2008 0

After reviewing the Otterbox Armor case, I felt that it was too large and bulky for normal use.  It was a great case, but just wasn't what most people would want.  The OtterBox Defender, on the other hand, is.  The case assembles with two plastic panels, one for the front and one for the back, with a silicone rubber exterior that you stretch over.  Your case is protected everywhere, including the dock port on the bottom.  It feels sturdy and is not too big.  My only issue was that the clips to get the two plastic panels together were a little bit tough to clip together.  Otherwise, it proved to be easy to use and durable.  I dropped my iPhone a few times from 6 feet and it ended up just fine.  In fact, it bounced a little bit.




The screen protector is conductive so you can still touch it just as easily as without it.  My only issues were that the screen protector "stuck" to the screen a little bit and made it look a little funny.  With the screen off, it was hardly noticable.  Another issue is that the edge around the screen is high and gets pretty close, so it's hard to touch near the screen's edge.
The buttons are easy to press except the vibrate switch is not accessable.  With this improved, the case would be more useful for meetings and other events where you don't want your phone to be heard.

Overall the case does what it says, and is much more useful for people during their daily lives.

OtterBox Defender – 9/10

[OtterBox Defender] – $49.95


We recieved a 3G Case for review.  Our 3G reviewer had the following comments:

The pros are the same as for the original.  The only downside is the belt holder/clip.  It's easy to insert the phone off-center which will cause the rubber to catch and jam the phone.  Also, the belt clip's easy release mechanism allows it to fall off when bending over in some situations unless clipped at the side.

3G  –  7/10

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