Case-Mate Clear Armor Review

Patrick Nosker November 27, 2008 0

Well, after watching this video: YouTube
The Clear Armor iPhone kit

I decided we needed to REALLY test this case, in real life, outside of a blender. Unfortunately, while this test is AWESOME, only a very small percentage of the population lives inside an industrial blender.

So, I got a Case-Mate clear armor (it's lowercase on the box) set for the iPhone.

As you can see, it comes with a very nice cloth for wiping down and cleaning your phone prior to application, a plastic squeegie thing which is used to get the excess liquid out, a squirt bottle full of some unknown fluid (looked, smelled, and tasted like water), and two sets of protectors. One sheet for the screen, One for the back and sides, and one for the rear bottom near the antenna.

I got the first screen one down perfectly... except that darn corner in the top right!

In order to apply this stuff, you have to squirt your hands with the fluid, peel the sheet off, and squirt that

with fluid. Then you have ten minutes to apply it without it sticking. After applying and getting it into position, you use the squeegie to get out the excess fluid. Then it dries, in a few hours the bubbles go away, and you're good to go. The only problem is… after watching the instructional video AND reading the instructions, I couldn't get a good application of the screen protectors the first time.

The second time they were all successful. It's trickier than I thought to get it done right. Also, the cut-out

pieces for the camera hole, buttons, etc. are a pain to get out.

Nice and wet

My only complaint was that I ran out of fluid very quickly. After the 2nd screen attempt. I filled it with tap water and it worked fine. This stuff is MUCH easier to apply than some other crystal screen protectors. The film is softer and much more strong, yet less stiff. After emulating being in my pockets, there were no scratches at all. Then again, if it can stand a blender, it can probably stand normal activities as well.

Here's a run down of what I had to do:

I got the first screen one down perfectly… except that darn corner in the top right!

Nice and wet

The back is REALLY annoying… those pesky corners are only helped by a blow dryer and lots of patience.

All done! Those marks are because I stupidly put lotion on before touching the phone… it's really quite


This is a pretty good kit. If only it were easier to apply to the corners, and the bottle came with more fl

uid (or at least said refill with water). Pretty inexpensive too for what it gives you.

Item Name: Case-Mate Clear Armor
Price: $19.99 (Available HERE)
Rating: 9/10 (Could easily be a 9.5 or 10/10 if they improve upon what I stated)

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