Battle Wages on as Authorities Crackdown on Unauthorized Sports Streaming

Ken Hong February 5, 2012 1
Battle Wages on as Authorities Crackdown on Unauthorized Sports Streaming

Shortly after Tom Brady’s remark to reporters this past Thursday in Indianapolis, the federal authorities announced a crackdown on sites that stream unauthorized sports event broadcasting. Our beloved Tom Brady has been quite a stir in the social media in recent days, first offending the Buffalo nation regarding his early year stays at not so good hotels and now the source to some viewers who might be dependent on these illegitimate means. But I am sure these were never bad intentions by Brady, he’s just speaking his truthful mind and sometimes the truth doesn’t always sit well in the spotlight.

Last year I was rehabbing my foot in Costa Rica, watching the game on an illegal Super Bowl website. And now I’m actually playing in the game. So, it’s pretty cool.

Perhaps the stricter regulation falls solely on the fact that these sites costs sports leagues and broadcasters millions of dollars, which in turn causes an increase in ticket prices and other costs to consumers.

During this time of crackdown, Yonjo Quiroa, of Comstock Park, Michigan was arrested and charged with copyright infringement, where he distributed sports contents such as basketball, football, hockey, and wrestling. Quiroa is also responsible for nine of the sixteen sites that seized by authorities. Quiroa was held without bail in Grand Rapids federal court while his immigrant status pends review.

On a separate note, authorities confiscated about $5 millions worth of fake Super Bowl merchandises and sports gear in a nationwide sweep that was part of a four month investigation. Officials are also targeting stores, flea markets, and street vendors that sell counterfeits sportswear ranging from caps, jerseys, shirts, and souvenirs. Among the confiscated items also included MLB, NBA, and NHL products.

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  1. Sports Lover February 5, 2012 at 11:33 am - Reply

    Wow that’s really interesting. Tom Brady kind of reminds me of how musical artists used megaupload to share their music despite the legal issues.

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