LG to Debut 84″ 3D HDTV at 2012 CES

Ken Hong December 30, 2011 1
LG to Debut 84″ 3D HDTV at 2012 CES

Apparently, this isn’t the first time for talk regarding LG’s 84-inch “ultra definition” TV. CNET UK reported its existence during its coverage in the 2011 CES. The new 2012 upgraded version is said to have catalogs of more than 1,200 Smart TV apps and a new remote control that allows voice, gesture, point and wheel scroll inputs. Also, in the new development is the 3D Depth Control, that allows users to customize the viewing experience by adjusting the 3D effect and with 3D sound that makes it possible to manipulate the audio to come from above, below or behind the watcher. Still, there’s no mentioning of whether or not the TV is still in prototype phase, nor regards to pricing and availability of the product.

The 84-inch is supposedly the world’s largest 3D high definition display with a 3840 x 2160 resolution. Also known by the popular name “4K”, it got the name from its close to four thousand horizontal pixels, this is about 4x that of the current HD display with about 8 million pixels total. Note this is different to the 720p or 1080p that are named for its vertical pixels display. This means that the horizontal pixels for the 84-inch stays constant while the vertical pixels vary, and with limited actual “UD” content out there, its ability to watch in different aspect ratios keeps lower quality contents in HD display nonetheless.

With so much effort put forth on developing newer and better television experiences, the end to the cinema business might not be so distant. I mean, who wants leave the comfort of their home and pay for over-prized food at the movies when they can kick it back with some booze or whatever concoction one prefers and enjoy the big screen that way. But then again, there’s the matter of money and space, something like this is definitely not cheap by any means, well over $10,000 and having a big enough living room to support this leisure. It’ll be a more of a success for high income families and businesses.

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