2011 MTV VMAs Set To Dominate Social Media Scene

Michael Convente August 28, 2011 0

Lil' Wayne, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, the cast from Jersey Shore and more are set to hit the MTV VMAs white carpet in just under one hour, and if you are anywhere near your Facebook or Twitter account, then you will be hearing much about it.  MTV has set up multiple ways for fans to connect with their favorite celebrities using social media platforms, some of which have been going on for the past several days.  On Friday (before all of the Hurricane Irene stories started taking up all the news and social media bandwidth), the hashtag #VMA was a featured trending topic on Twitter, and it should be back there later tonight.  MTV's Facebook account has also been updated frequently today with videos and pictures in preparation for the VMAs.

MTV is also letting viewers livestream their pre-show program, in addition to the actual VMAs once they start at 9pm EST.  A particularly useful feature of MTV's online VMA content is their Twitter Tracker window, which is keeping track of the running total of tweets with the #VMA hashtag (as of this article being published, there have been over 6.8 million since August 22nd).  That number is sure to rise dramatically once the actual VMAs begin.  Fans can also keep track of the most talked about celebrities on Twitter during the pre-show and actual VMAs, in addition to checking out paparazzi pics.

Considering that Jersey Shore was the number one mentioned show on social media outlets yesterday, even though no new episodes were broadcast, tonight's new episode of Jersey Shore plus the VMAs should be a major hit in the world of social media.  Maybe it won't have the impact of the Kanye West controversy of two years ago, but this year's VMAs is going to come out on top for today regardless.  Hail to the Moon Man.

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