Logitech/ZAGG iPad 2 Keyboard Case Review

Matthew Torino July 3, 2011 0

Typing on an iPad 2 isn't exactly a fun little exercise. Touch screens aren't exactly good for that purpose. So if you want to use your expensive Apple tech toy for word processing, you probably need a Bluetooth keyboard. And the best one on the market isn't manufactured by Apple. Out of a joint venture, here comes the iPad 2 Keyboard Case from Logitech and ZAGG!

Cases are necessary for iPads just because the things are so expensive and delicate. If they fall they're probably breaking. Sure Apple Stores will give you a replacement within a year, but unless you buy Apple Care, you're in a bad situation after that. 

And for any kind of word processing, unless you're a savant with a touch screen, you're probably going to need some kind of keyboard. And since there's no USB support, it's gotta be Bluetooth. 

If you want to kill those two birds with one $99.99 stone, the ZAGG/Logitech keyboard case is for you. 

It's a netbook sized keyboard with a hardcore case. The iPad 2 case functions as one side of the case while the metal around the keyboard is the other side, working in a similar fashion to the Apple Smart Cover. It's a lot of protection and a lot of function. For those of you such as myself who dream of turning an iPad 2 into more than just an entertainment machine, a keyboard is absolutely necessary so to kill those two birds with this stone is a very appealing option. If you just want to watch Netflix all day on it and play Garage Band, then no this isn't for you. 

The case provides a very large amount of protection for the screen. There's raised padding surrounding the keys to make sure the screen of the iPad doesn't come into contact with the keyboard which wouldn't be good for anybody. It's on the top and bottom of the keyboard while on the left and right sides the case itself is raised like the dams in the Netherlands. The iPad 2 screen isn't coming into contact with those keys. Guaranteed. 

The protection on the outside can be a little bit of a problem just because the iPad's back is part of that case. It's not the most important part but still, if you drop the thing on that side, it's not turning out well. 

Also, just know going in that it's only made for the iPad 2, not the original. It won't fit and will just be a keyboard. 

Speaking of which, it functions perfectly. Coming from Logitech, the keyboard is of very high quality. It works perfectly. There are special function keys on the top of the keyboard made specifically for the iPad 2 with all of the other keys located in their expected locations as opposed to other Bluetooth keyboards that are shrunk. It's not perfect since it's only Netbook size, but unfortunately the iPad 2's screen is pretty much Netbook sized so the two of them fit together. Maybe if Apple makes an even bigger screen one day, the keyboard will grow but right now it's just not feasible. 

This is the closest you're going to get to turning your iPad 2 into a clamshell laptop so by all means if you're interested in iPad 2 protection and functionality through the keyboard, go out and buy this. It's worth it. 

[Logitech/ZAGG iPad2 Keyboard Case] – $99.99

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