Final Cut Pro X Broken

Matthew Torino June 26, 2011 0

Despite all of Apple's talk of Final Cut Pro X being "revolutionary," it turns out that its main base, working professionals have declared the program broken. In a move much similar to iMovie's rewriting in 2008, Apple has built the program from the ground up but apparently left out many key features. The program is now being marketed to people in between casual users, who will more likely be using built in iMovie, and working professionals. The problem is that nobody knows who these people are or if they exist. 

Working professionals are the biggest critics out there as they claim they can't use the program any longer for their jobs. Why they don't just use the last version and shut up I don't know but they aren't doing it. Their voices are just getting louder and louder. Multi-camera shots are now harder to edit than they were before if the project was started on the last edition of Final Cut Pro and layering audio tracks is now slightly harder I guess. Apple plans on adding in these features in updates through the Mac App Store. 

The criticism now is honestly probably just people who aren't used to the software and have taken to the Internet to yell. They should just shut up and use the old program and wait for the updates on the new one or just figure it out with everyone else. God forbid something changes. 

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