Apple Announces Final Cut Pro X

Matthew Torino June 22, 2011 0

Only a few weeks after unveiling iOS 5, the new Mac OS X Lion and other new software additions, Apple has announced the availability of another software, Final Cut Pro X. The more advanced version of the built in app iMovie, Final Cut Pro was already the most well received widely available video editing software. And now this edition will be revolutionary according to Apple. 

First of all, Final Cut Pro X is available right now in the Mac App Store for $299.99. Not exactly a bargain. But Apple can basically charge whatever they want for it since it's basically the only game in town unless you want to stick with iMovie and let's be honest, if you buy a Mac, you've probably got a decent amount of cash so it's not going to break the bank. There just isn't a better video editing software out there. 

Now onto the actual changes. While it won't make your movies automatically good (there's nothing that could've helped Scarlet Nights: New Brunswick's Finest), it will give you the best chance. While it's still not as simple to use as iMovie, it's still the best. 

The worst possible advertisement for Final Cut Pro (and yeah that's me as the main character)


The Standard Timeline has been changed to the Magnetic Timeline, which will basically allow you to more easily put your clips in order. They're more likely to stick together, or be magnetized, so there won't be small gaps in between. Another new feature within that timeline is Clip Connections which will keep a clip attached to other elements like sound effects when you move it around. This will easily cut down on a lot of time playing around with stupidity that should've already been fixed. 

Processes will also be able to be performed in the background so you can import new clips while still playing with the ones you've already uploaded. They're supposedly going to be organized "smartly" so that they're in a logical place as well but I'll have to believe that when I see it. But then again, this is Apple…

There's also background rendering so you won't have to wait forever for changes to apply. You can do something else while you're waiting as in the previous feature. 

Another new feature is Auditions, which will allow clip comparison to presumably audition the clips to see which one meets your specifications. 

Motion 5 has also been released which will allow you to use motion capture. This will cost $49.99 in the Mac App Store. 

And one more thing: in order to use this "built from the ground up" software, which is 64-bit, you'll apparently need a high end Mac, which may make some users stick with iMovie. After all, a high end Mac can cost you around $2,000. Here are the specifications necessary. They're not crazy but still pretty large, so be aware or you'll be out a cool $299. 

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