Nancy Pelosi Shows Support for Saudi Arabian Women2Drive Campaign

Matthew Torino June 18, 2011 0

Nancy Pelosi and a bunch of her political colleagues are making waves today by tweeting support for the Saudi Women2Drive Campaign. Pelosi and a group of fellow United States House of Representatives members have taken to Apple's chosen social media platform, Twitter, to show their support. 


Campaigns like this have taken off with access to worldwide social media, like when much of Egypt's revolution was planned over similar platforms. It's also how we found out what was going on during events like that and the Vancouver Riots.

Pelosi herself tweeted: “Beep beep and solidarity to the Saudi women & supporters challenging the driving ban!” Rep Karen Bass (D-California) retweeted the message and then put up her own message of support: “I stand in solidarity with Saudi Arabian women participating in the #Women2Drive Campaign today.” While we in America have seen many of the horrors of women drivers, those in countries like Saudi Arabia have yet to see it as women are in a subservient role and are basically seen as property. Those kinds of ideals died out decades if not centuries ago in this country. 

And out of a Thoreau like level of civil disobedience, forty five women in Saudi Arabia apparently took to the streets and drove today. Only a few were approached by police, apparently showing their support for the movement. Hopefully it gets off the ground soon and kudos to the U.S. reps showing their support. 

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