LulzSec Attacks Sony, Sony BMG, Not PSN; Releases Account Usernames and Passwords

Matthew Torino June 2, 2011 0

Just as they promised they’d do, hacker group LulzSec has taken usernames from Sony Entertainment and Sony BMG. The list of these names is downloadable on their website. The list contains over a million usernames and passwords of users from the United States, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The group also claims it possesses other information but cannot afford to fully copy it all. By the way, none of this stolen information was encrypted. Whoops. LulzSec also claims that Sony’s sites such as were very easily broken into. The primitive protections of these sites apparently aren’t working anymore and even after the PSN was attacked, Sony didn’t do anything.

The group has denied attacking the PlayStation Network this go around or ever being involved in the previous breach that resulted in 77 million user accounts being revealed in April. 

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