Hands on with the DICE Silverline DUO and Livio Radio

Will Anderson June 2, 2011 0

Our friends at Livio Radio have been quite busy working with DICE to create a new interface to allow you to get away from the paid subscriptions of satellite radio by harnessing the power of the internet through your iPhone.  By installing the DICE Silverline DUO-101, you can connect your iPhone to your car stereo and use Livio Radio's iPhone application to stream over 45,000 internet radio stations.


DICE's interface with the factory equipment is exceptionally clean with only the connector for the iPhone visible with the adapter module neatly hidden away.  This powerful combo of hardware and software worked seamlessly with the vehicle's steering controls for scanning different internet radio stations and delivered crystal clear audio through the digital interface that exists between the iPhone and the radio.  The Acura's factory radio displayed the station that was playing along with the artist and song information retrieved from the Livio Radio app and worked as though the installation came straight from the factory.

Currently, the DICE Silverline DUO only supports about 10 modern vehicle car manufacturers including Honda, Acura, BMW, and Toyota.  However, this product is expected to expand into other brands in the future. 

The partnership between DICE and Livio Radio has the potential to provide the consumer market with a true rival to the satellite radio market.  By providing thousands of radio stations from around the world to your fingertips, and eliminating the monthly subscription fees, there is no doubt of where you should look to feed your music needs on the go.

Now if only I could convince them to write an app for Windows Phone 7…

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