Oberon Design Cloud Dragon iPad 2 Cover Review

Matthew Torino June 1, 2011 0

When you review a product from Oberon Design, as we previously had the honor of doing, you know you’re going to get your hands on one of the highest quality items out there. And they didn’t disappoint when we reviewed their Cloud Dragon iPad 2 cover. Keep reading after the jump for the review!


The Cloud Dragon is one of their newest designs and helps give off the old time feel of the covers. They aren’t the flashiest like M-Edge or most durable like Otterbox but for my money, they are the best covers out there. There isn’t much different from the Kindle cover we previously reviewed.

The iPad 2 utilizes the magnetic protection to stay within the cover and combines with the bands on the corners just as the Kindle cover possesses to stay in. There’s even more built in protection here than with other covers. There’s also a pewter button on the outside to fasten it yet again. Another band wraps around that button and holds the entire case shut. You can use this button to fasten the opposite way to hold the case open to function as something of an iPad 2 stand which really comes in handy. Many other cases come with an optional stand but the Oberon Design case adds that on its own.

The spine uses top grain leather but is still flexible to be used as an arched stand for the iPad 2 to utilize maximum readability. You usually have to pay extra for that kind of stand but it’s included here.

The design of the Cloud Dragon evokes images of ancient China. The artsy design fits perfectly with that image. They’re both old fashioned concepts and fit together seamlessly with the new-fangled iPad 2.

When you buy a cover or any product of any sort from Oberon Design, you know you’re getting quality and this doesn’t disappoint. When you invest in an iPad 2, you want protection and style and the Oberon Cover provides both in spades as there’s a screen protector included within the thick leather.

There’s no other iPad 2 cover out there that provides the combination of style and substance that this cover does. By all means, if you need an iPad 2 cover and price isn’t a problem, this is the cover for you. 

There isn't much else to say about this cover. If you want something made of beautiful leather with a design that evokes real art while also providing great protection for your expensive investment, there's nothing out there that's going to do it better. Other cases will do better in certain areas but this is the complete package. 

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