Sony working on PS4; Will Never Invest Same As for PS3

Matthew Torino May 27, 2011 0

It’s come to our attention that Sony is in fact working on the PlayStation 4 as we speak but Sony will never invest as much as they did in PlayStation 3 according to executives. They’ve taken tons of losses on the third place console and have taken a huge public relations hit on the PSN hack so things aren’t exactly looking up. Could it be possible that Sony will be following Nintendo’s Wii philosophy of making a cheaper console they hope catches on?

Sony went from the top of the heap with the PS2 to the undisputed bottom with the PS3 and it’s likely that they’ll continue to fall with the PSN debacle.

The company invested billions just in facilities to be able to construct the consoles and then they took even more losses once the console didn’t sell. They were soundly defeated by the cheap Wii and the similar Xbox 360 which hit the market a year earlier.

The PS4, which is being worked on by Sony as we speak, will be hitting up to two years after Nintendo’s next console, the Wii 2/HD, so they’ll probably be in the same predicament. That’s why it’s only logical that they won’t make an expensive console for the relatively small hardcore gaming market.

It only makes sense for them to try to save money to create a console that catches on as the Wii did for Nintendo and rescued the company from software only development.

That may be the last chance that Sony has before they are forced into a Sega like situation where they only make software. That would be sad for a company that was on top of the world with the PS2. But I’ll never buy another one of their consoles after my credit card info may have been compromised.

So good luck Sony but you’ll never hear from me.

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