Internet: Ashton Kutcher Will Fail on Two and a Half Men

Matthew Torino May 14, 2011 0

After rumors over the course of the last few days insinuating that Hugh Grant, Jay Leno career builder and prostitute aficionado, would take over for Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men on CBS, fans were left with a strange, unexciting disappointment today as Ashton Kutcher was named Sheen’s “Charlie Harper” replacement. The Internet wasn’t pleased. 

Judging by immediate fan reaction on the Internet for a show that didn’t have much of a hardcore following, Kutcher is going to fail., for example, quoted executives saying after they’d have to watch if Grant was cast, there’s no chance of watching with something from the minds of Chuck Lorre and Ashton Kutcher.

The show’s already been doomed to fail by critics. Kutcher’s only “succeeded” on That 70’s Show, the longest running show with the lowest budget possible. Well that show was horrendous and this one will be too. But what people have to take into account is that Two and a Half Men already wasn’t funny. Sheen’s way funnier outside the show and Kutcher’s just sad but since Major League, neither of them have been funny on TV.

The show’s still going to be hilarious to old people and those that like to see David Caruso lift off his sunglasses and make puns on CSI: Miami and still awful to comedy hipsters who like Party Down and Parks & Recreation. Nothing’s going to change. Internet calm down. We’re all still going to hate 2.5 Men. 

By the way, Charlie Sheen's Twitter has no comment. 

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