Free eCards for Mother’s Day

Matthew Torino May 8, 2011 0

So it’s Mother’s Day and you need a card but have no way of getting to the store. In the olden days this could really be a problem. How would you show your mom that you appreciate and love her? But now thanks to the Internet that problem is solved. Here are the best sites to get eCards for Mother’s Day!


1.– You can share eCards through this site and best of all send animated Mother’s Day eCards for FREE!

2. of little animated things to send Mommy on Mother’s Day for FREE!

3.– Again, lots of little fancy eCards that are the same quality you could buy from Hallmark for FREE!

4. free eCards. Fun stuff

5. the most well known brand of cards. They create their own holidays but unfortunately you have to pay for these. Pass.

6. Dayspring-Mother’s Day eCards or cards for every occasion with a religious twist. There’s a Bible verse in the logo for the site

So there you have it, a list of the best sites on the Internet to get free eCards for Mother’s Day. Tell your mom I say you’re welcome.


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