Zagg Amazon Kindle 2 InvisibleSHIELD Review

Matthew Torino May 3, 2011 0

After playing around with the Zagg InvisibleSHIELD for Amazon Kindle 2 it becomes readily apparent that this will protect your device from scratches and scrapes all over the body of the device but will probably not protect it from the Kindle 2’s biggest problem: screen cracking.

This happens when too much pressure, which isn’t much, is placed on the shield whether it’s by light books (my case), your hand if you push really hard or pretty much anything weighing a few pounds. That’s the biggest problem and biggest protection need for Kindle 2 and while the InvisibleSHIELD does protect the body from scratches and scrapes, those have never been a problem with my Kindle. Just screen cracking.

However, the InvisibleSHIELD does do what it sets out to do. Using military grade technology, your device will be protected against getting scratched. It’ll still look perfect. However, most people aren’t going to shell out $34.99 for full body coverage on the Kindle 2. Maybe on Apple products that are notorious for their propensity for scratches but not the sturdy Kindle.

Putting the shield on your device can be a pain too. It’s almost too sticky. Sure it’s never going to move and fall off the device but you can’t adjust it once it’s on without ripping it. Bubbles are hard to get out and can make your screen look less appealing than without the shield.

Maybe for another device that is more able to be scratched this product would come up aces but for the Amazon Kindle 2, we are forced to NOT recommend this product as it doesn’t solve a problem that is the Kindle 2’s biggest flaw: screen cracking.

Get a jacket or cover if you want that.

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