Osama Bin Laden Dead and the Internet Told Me

Matthew Torino May 2, 2011 0

Osama Bin Laden is officially, according to President Barack Obama, dead. The news was first leaked once it became known that the President had requested airtime at 10:30 pm to address the nation. Then Twitter and Facebook and the Internet in general took off.


Once it was announced, leads started popping up about it not being about Iran or any other place we could possibly bomb. Speculation was abound due to people directly talking to one another and making everyone else aware of the situation through these social networks.

Normally, things wouldn’t spread like wildfire as the news of the press conference and subsequent leakage did here. But topics like the Bush-Cheney sign and the Singing of the Star Spangled Banner and Wolf Blitzer himself became big time topics for the Internet community.

Usually only pundits on TV would be able to give their opinion on the subject but now through these social networks, everyone is able to give their opinion which right now ranges from “America is the best!” to “America is awesome.” It’s a very large disparity in opinion in case you couldn’t tell.

Tweets and Facebook statuses congratulated and lauded our President, the CIA and, most of all, the armed forces, on finally killing Osama Bin Laden and sending him to hell where he belongs.


There’s speculation that another terrorist attack may occur due to the galvanization of Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups because of this death but we won’t know about that unless it happens.

People are very proud of this country right now and I can see it through Twitter and Facebook. Otherwise I might not know. Thanks Internet. And thanks America.

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