Sony Confirms No New PSN Features Once It Returns from Downtime

Matthew Torino April 30, 2011 0

According to a Tweet by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe community moderator Yaster, when PSN returns there will not be any new features. What you will be signing into for the first time in more than a week will be the exact same thing you left. Sony looks bad once again.

There is no word yet on whether the PSN will have genius features like Nintendo has on Wii of NOT storing credit card information since ya know, that’s the most important thing that got stolen and led to the PSN downtime. Any new security features are unknown at this time though some like that would be too obvious for PlayStation. Sony continues to fall flat on their face and deliver nothing of any value to its customers. They’re waiting for nothing. And to eventually switch over to Xbox Live once the Xbox 720 comes out in 2014.

Sony is giving a clinic on how to lose customers in the fastest way possible. 

Sony is giving a press conference tonight at Midnight EST and 2 p.m. Japanese local time on the issue. 

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