Amazon Lowers mp3 Prices to Compete with iTunes

Matthew Torino April 30, 2011 0

Amazon has hurled another salvo at market leader iTunes by lowering its chart topping mp3’s prices to $.69, down from $.89. iTunes is currently charging $1.29 for similar songs while both of the services charge $.99 for most other songs. iTunes has the ability to charge these prices based on basically having a built in market because of the iPod’s popularity while Amazon is just trying to sell mp3’s to anybody that will buy them. While they may not be able to take down iTunes, Amazon may be able to put a dent into iTunes’ monopoly. Amazon mp3’s are compatible with and can be directly exported to your iTunes.

Artist such as Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Dr. Dre and Rihanna are currently being featured in this lower price promotion. Amazon now has lower prices but it remains to be seen how this will affect market shares of the respective online music services.

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