Sony NOT Offered Back Stolen PSN Credit Card Numbers

Matthew Torino April 29, 2011 0

Despite reports to the contrary, Sony has apparently not been offered back the credit card numbers that are assumed to have been stolen from the hacked PSN accounts. It was rumored that the company was offered those stolen numbers back for a price but declined to pay for them.


It was rumored that the stolen credit card numbers and personal information was available for sale in the “hacker underground” and that Sony was the first group that was offered them for purchase. They supposedly declined for whatever reason which was the first reason you could tell this was fake. If Sony could have found a way to buy the numbers back, it would have been a PR coup considering the bad PR they’ve taken recently.

Sony and PlayStation look awful right now and any chance to purchase back its good will essentially would have to be taken. Any price hackers would have deemed a lot probably would have been nothing more than a drop in the bucket to a huge corporation like Sony.

Sony has basically told the gamers whose numbers have been stolen that they’re on their own and will have to protect themselves from Identity Theft. There are probably going to be tons of lawsuits coming Sony’s way if the numbers were actually stolen. Sony still says there’s no evidence that they were but let’s be honest: that’s the first thing they’d want. Names and phone numbers and email addresses will only get you so far.

This nonsensical rumor was cooked up on forums and we all know how intelligent those places are.

There’s no substance to this rumor and you probably could’ve figured that out just by analyzing it. It would have made no sense so you can rest a little easier. Sony isn’t ACTIVELY trying to screw you. They’re just sitting back and watching it happen.


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