Sorry Sony PS3/PSP Users, Your PSN Data Has Been Stolen

Patrick Nosker April 26, 2011 0

Sorry Fanboys, the time has come where even you cannot defend the Playstation Network's downtime. That's right, Sony has announced today that the reason the network is down is because the network has been hacked and all of your information from Name, Address, Email, PSN username and password, and possibly credit card information has been compromised.

The message to PSN users states that consumers are on their own to check credit card statements to make sure there are no fraudulant charges. Sounds to us like "Sorry, you're on your own here. We are going to leave you behind now."

Great job, Sony. We all thought this was a simple denial of service attack by Anonymous, but in reality Sony has been lying for the past six days of downtime and not letting its users know that all their information is unsafe.

This revelation is different than the rumor from that an unlicensed firmware that allows for developer access termed Rebug caused the downtime. Apparently, Rebug allows for using fake credit card numbers for purchasing PSN software without actually checking for credit card validity. Of course, this lead to rampant piracy.

Either way, if you have a PSN account, you better change your passwords now. And if you've liked a credit card, get that changed too.

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