Nancy Grace Insane and We Love It

Matthew Torino April 21, 2011 0

Nancy Grace is trending and nobody seems to know why. Sitting atop Google Trends and being a popular Twitter item are rarified air for the maligned CNN host who just continually gets mocked by the Internet. Grace is far from being smart or competent yet people seem to gravitate to her stupidity. The Internet is a strange place. 

Nancy Grace is known for her brand of justice and helping to solve cases. These sound like good things to build a show around, yet with her drawl and look, she just exudes unintentional comedy. Grace seems to be book smart; you’d have to be to some degree to get where she is today but the face of the matter is that she comes off as a complete idiot. That’s why she’s so famous for being a midday host on CNN, a cable company that’s apparently struggling at least compared to Fox News.

She’s no Glenn Beck in terms of stupidity. She’s just funny and nobody seems to take her seriously. Even when she’s helping to resolve crimes, she still comes off as just dumb ol’ Nancy Grace. Now she’s apparently had a hobo expert on the show or something. People on Twitter are just saying how hilarious this all is and Nancy Grace has now become the number one trend on Google. The Internet really is strange.

She likely won’t become a meme like Caruso on CSI: Miami or be as polarizing as Beck was or as influential as John Walsh on America’s Most Wanted but Nancy Grace’s style of just being serious enough to help these people along with loads and loads of unintentional comedy has led to her show, which is universally regarded as “dumb as rock” according to one writer (myself), to be a hit with the Internet.

Nancy rants on the likes of Lindsay Lohan and celebrities and just comes off as a joke with her no nonsense style. It’s been a perfect fit for the Internet to make fun of her. Keep on truckin’ Nancy. It’s never going to get old. And keep putting hobos on the show.

When Nancy talks, the Internet’s listening. 

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