Passover and Technology

Matthew Torino April 18, 2011 0

Passover isn’t exactly known as the most tech savvy holiday out there. It’s based in deep rooted traditions dating back to the Israelites slavery at the hands of the Ancient Egyptians but believe it or not, the Internet and technology in general impact Passover more than you’d think. 

In case you didn’t know, Passover is a Jewish holiday having to do with the killing of the first born being passed over as the Jews were told to mark their houses so they’d be free of this plague. The Egyptians had to deal with it and the Jews have had one of their holiest holidays ever since. There’s not the material presence that exists in Christianity’s Easter weekend, but there’s a lot more God involved.

People are only allowed to eat certain dishes during this period and pretty much are only seen eating lots and lots of matzo and gefilte fish. Those two dishes don’t exactly sound appetizing to the Christian inside of me so I wondered: can the Internet make Passover more interesting and unexpected?

The answer is a resounding yes. Instead of just eating the most bland and stereotypical dishes during Passover possible, you can search Google and find all kinds of interesting recipes for foods that are allowed during this period that you wouldn’t normally think of or just haven’t seen.

There are special and exotic ways to make matzo and gefilte fish as you’d expect. You don’t only have to get the bland and low quality dishes served in Shop Rite. You can make them yourself and presumably, if you possess any baking acumen, make them more delicious. There’s a whole site on kosher cooking for Passover recipes that will be sure to give you ideas and recipes for Passover that your guests during the Seder will not see coming.

They include the Sweet N Sedery Pot Roast, Chicken in Orange Sauce, special Passover chicken and chips, all different sorts of cookies and brownies, even special kosher waffles. The possibilities are endless. But that’s not all that the Internet can do for you observing Jews out there.

Through Facebook and similar social networking sites, you can find out about Passover events and Seders going on in your area whether they are through your school, local Hillel chapter or whatever other organization that resides in your area. Events and statuses will reflect just what’s going on in your Jewish community for all those to see. It’s like being part of an exclusive club.

Through the Internet there are an endless amount of possibilities to spice up your Passover experience. Just don’t stick to the same old Seder and routine; live life a little! The Internet can serve a practical purpose and through these recipes and events, you’ll see just how!

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