2011 Boston Marathon Waking Up World

Matthew Torino April 18, 2011 0

It’s that time of year again. Today marks Patriots’ Day in Boston which hosts the 2011 Boston Marathon today as well as a Boston Red Sox game starting at 11 am ET and 8 am on the west coast. And if you notice, the technological world has woken up with it. 

While sites like Twitter and Facebook usually don’t get going till later on in the day, especially on a Monday morning of all times, today is a little different. Patriots’ Day has woken them all up.

People are going on Google and searching for the results of the marathon and then staying up to watch the Red Sox game today. Twitter’s been booming with talk about all of these activities that solidly place Boston as the most happening place today. While the buzz has slowly been dying down over the course of the day, as of a few hours ago, the Boston Marathon was still the number one trend on Google.

They’re looking up Ryan Hall and R.K. Cheruiyot as we speak and giving these people fame they’d otherwise never see without the Internet. Those people are leading as of now but you’d never know their names without the technological world waking up so early on a Monday morning.

Not everybody can be in Boston to witness the marathon, but through sites like Twitter and Facebook and especially the live commentary on the  Boston Marathon website, we can all feel like we’re there, seeing the results in real time. And the festivities continue with the Red Sox hosting the Toronto Blue Jays as we speak.

Patriots’ Day: waking up the tech world a little early. 

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