M-Edge e-Luminator Touch e-Reader Booklight Review

Matthew Torino April 17, 2011 0

After previously reviewing the M-Edge e-Luminator 2 Booklight, we thought our needs would permanently be solved from the lack of a backlight in our Kindle. While the e-reader game has changed precipitously since then with the changes to the Nook Color and the revelation that has been the iPad 2, jackets are still a must for e-readers and the market leader is still the Kindle strictly for the e-Reader category. And M-Edge has a new product for you: the e-Luminator Touch e-reader Booklight.



First of all, you need an M-Edge jacket that’s compatible with this booklight for this to be of any real use to you. It’s compatible with their Kindle 2nd and current generation jackets and covers as well as Nook versions so you’re probably good. If you have an iPad you’re out of luck but if you do, you probably are willing to spend whatever Apple wants you to on a jacket so you’re probably already fine.

The e-Luminator Touch Booklight isn’t very different from its parent, the e-Luminator 2. The only real difference is that instead of a switch to adjust power and brightness, you do this with a touch button similar to the power switch for the PS3. It turns it on, makes it brighter and brighter and then turns it off. Nothing really out of the ordinary.

The only problem I had with it was that there’s no way to go from whatever brightness you prefer, unless it’s the last one, straight to the “off” setting. You still have to cycle through and since it isn’t the most responsive thing (there’s a slight delay but that’s expected from a touch button) you may end up having to cycle through the settings all over again.

This version is also brighter than the previous version. If you shine it directly into your eyes, be prepared to not be able to see clearly for a little while. You’ll be seeing spots. It’s like staring into the sun on the highest brightness setting. This isn’t a bad thing unless you’re dumb like me and stare directly into it. It will light up your e-reader though, not doubt about that.

The light’s extension fits snugly into your M-Edge jacket just as the previous version did and looks pretty much the same too. They’re both white and have the light on the end of a pipe cleaner like device that extends from the jacket to whatever adjustable position you desire.

All in all, it’s an upgrade over the previous version as it represents an improvement in brightness as well as an advance in the technology. It may not be worth it if you have the e-Luminator 2 but if that’s not bright enough for you or the switch is too hard to use, the e-Luminator Touch e-reader Booklight will more than get the job done. 


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