Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Beta Arrives Next Week on XBL Marketplace

Matthew Torino April 16, 2011 0

The long awaited Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Beta will finally be arriving next week on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Unless you got the code for the beta in your purchase of Bulletstorm, you'll have to wait until April 25th to be able to get your hands on the beta. Those who received the code will have the ability to partake on Monday, April 18th if you preorder Gears of War 3. Otherwise tough luck. 

The beta will stay live until May 15th, granting most users the better part of a month to get their hands on the newest iteration in the acclaimed and high selling series. This is a very exclusive experience that will grant users and players a preview into what the newest game will be like and give some nostalgia regarding the past iterations. Maybe people will miss Gears so much that they'll go back to the older games. Maybe they'll love this one so much by playing at their friends' house that they'll have to buy the game once it comes out or preorder it themselves. This is a win-win for Epic and Microsoft.

There's also the matter of an extra that will be unlocked by playing the demo just once according to Epic: The Flaming Hammerburst, which is apparently a flaming sawed off shotgun that can be used in the full game once it comes out later this year. You too can be the Omar Little of the Gears universe. Every man gotta have a code. 

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