Glenn Beck Fired by Fox News Because of Internet?

Matthew Torino April 7, 2011 0
Glenn Beck Fired by Fox News Because of Internet?

In case you somehow haven’t heard the news today, Glenn Beck has been for all intents and purposes fired by Fox News due to declining ratings, especially in key demographics. Beck, who was the voice for much of conservative Tea Party America, not matter how ridiculous, had experienced a massive ratings decline since his march on Washington, D.C., The Restoring Honor Rally. But the man had for a long time been destroyed by the Internet and its blogosphere so we have to ask: did the Internet fire Glenn Beck?


Beck has long been the subject of Internet humor for his ridiculous statements and connections that can go viral and cause mass laughter among the Internet faring peoples of the world. Whether he starts crying on national television or has a rally with a ridiculously inflated number of attendees, the Internet both loves and hates Beck.

Just so you’re not confused, every sane person thinks Glenn Beck is an idiot. They don’t take him seriously. But unfortunately other people did. Even when he declared Barrack Obama a racist on national television, while most thought it was ridiculous, I’m sure there were some Tea Party members who took the remark seriously and started spouting that view themselves.

But Beck has garnered Internet fame more than anybody else as a political pundit. He’s the only one who is a topic on Cracked. He’s the only one who constantly has viral videos of his radio shows broadcast on TV and the Internet. He’s the only one whose views you heard talked about the day after. Beck was the Internet’s whipping boy, no doubt about it.

And you have to notice that most of the viewer loss in Beck’s audience drop was in the coveted 18-49 year old age bracket. Those are the viewers that drive advertising rates and ultimately keep shows on television and in business. Those were the people that Beck lost. Those are the people who are on the Internet.

There’s a decent chance that those people came across the mocking coverage of Beck’s rally, by far his most noteworthy “accomplishment,” and saw just how ridiculous this guy they were watching really was. They probably saw him torn apart online and finally realized what they had been doing was wrong and turned away from the monster.

The Internet more than likely at least played some kind of role in the younger viewers finally coming to their senses and leaving Beck’s show. Hopefully listeners to his radio shows and his other future endeavors will have the same epiphany. Hopefully.

But we have to believe the Internet did help a little in this outcome so therefore, while probably not fully, the Internet fired Glenn Beck.

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