Unfriend Option in Facebook for iPhone Update

Matthew Torino April 5, 2011 0

Facebook, after constraining usage via iPhone for a while now, finally made a concession to the users with the addition of an “unfriend” option for the Facebook for iPhone application. While there is still no Facebook for iPad yet, they’re continually updating the iPhone version though there’s still no dislike button. Deal with it. However, more than 4,500 people liked the announcement of the unfriend button when Facebook announced the update on its Facebook for iPhone page so I guess reaction isn’t exactly negative. Previously you had to unfriend somebody via the Web at home or with Touch Facebook on Safari/Opera which was a whole production. The Facebook for iPhone app is much easier to use so this is a welcomed addition.

Another new feature within this update is event check-ins which supplement the location check ins. This was just a natural progression and we wondered why this wasn’t there at the beginning. In conjunction with this seemingly, you can now also locate your friends on a map on your iPhone if they allow their current location to be digitally transmitted. Now you have even more of an ability to stalk people! Awesome. There have also been conflicting reports varying app speed with this update as some see it as faster and others as slower which probably means it’s about the same. But it’s just a small update either way and likely won’t make or break your Facebook for iPhone experience. 

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