April Fools Round Up

David Boehm April 1, 2011 0

It is April 1st and of course everyone is putting out there silly jokes.  Here is a list, that will hopefully grow, of some of the April 1st jokes you should check out. Keep checking out throughout the day to see what we add!

  • Razor releases a new amazing device.  I would totally buy this if it were real.
  • Blizzard invites you to play Starcraft II like never before.
  • Tired of using your keyboard?  Google has added gmail motion to make things easier.
  • Google also had some fun with the typographists of the world, automatically converting your screen's font to comic sans after searching for helvetica (a commonly used font by designers).
  • Minecraft Store.  Now you can blow hundreds of dollars on a game that you spend hundreds of hours playing.
  • Youtube has created a "1911 mode" which allows you to restore video back to original c. 1911 technology with sepia overtones and grainy video. Looks great in HD!
  • Hulu has added a 1996 feature allowing you to view videos as if you were using Windows 95
  • Spotify, Europe's hit music subscription service, is dumping Europe and coming to the US!
  • Angry Nerds, the new game similar to Angry Birds, is out for PC!
  • Toshiba unveiled their 3D Monacle

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