What Does the Color App Mean to You?

Patrick Nosker March 25, 2011 0

There's been a lot of talk about the new Color app since it announced it had raised over $41 million before even publishing its program. The idea of picture and geographic based social networking was enough to get lots of folks excited. What does it mean to you?

Color is a mobile photo and video sharing system allowing for you to interact with photos taken at a similar time and place as your own photos. If you're at a party taking pictures and others using Color are taking pictures too, you'll be able to comment on every picture taken nearby at the same general time. Rather than having to accept a Facebook friend request in order to even know the picture was taken, you can immediately discuss how crazy the party was.

This will ultimately lead to a larger personal social network and creating a new venue for meeting people. Want to meet some Playboy Playmates? Crash a Playboy party and take some pictures… somebody there will be uploading on Color and it could help you introduce yourself covertly to a Playmate. The same thing goes if you're at a concert and you see a cute girl or guy. Use Color to figure out who they are and start to meet them. 

The whole idea is a new and original one. There's no reason it shouldn't work– it's a new form of social media allowing you to forge new meaningful connections to those around you.

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