AT&T buys T-Mobile… Unlocked iPhone Data plans to go up?

Patrick Nosker March 21, 2011 0

By now you probably have heard… AT&T has bought T-Mobile. The financial details don't really matter. What does matter are the little details.

AT&T most likely bought T-Mobile to get some more spectrum, get a larger userbase, and get the valuable 4G network that T-Mobile has been building.

I'm an iPhone user on T-Mobile and I am happy with my $10 Web2Go plan. Now that the two companies become one, does this mean AT&T will share the iPhone IMEI information to T-Mobile and I will instead be billed as a smartphone user? Maybe this means I will lose unlimited EDGE data and be forced to pay $30 a month for it.

According to the T-Mobile Q&A, nothing big should happen for at least 12 months due to the regulatory approval process.

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