Otterbox iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd Generation Defender Case

Matthew Torino March 16, 2011 0

Otterbox has customarily been known over the last few years as one of the most well received brands of case for all of your devices. From iPhones to iPads to Droids to BlackBerrys Otterbox has been acclaimed in the design and ability of these cases to defend to their utmost ability. But iPod Touch cases tend to be tossed to the wayside by most mainstream sites as they're just filed under the iPhone category and forgotten about if they're reviewed at all. But we're here to review Otterbox's iPod Touch Defender Case and let's just say it doesn't disappoint. 

 This is the most well built, sturdy case I've ever reviewed for iPod Touch by far. The main objective is no different from all of those other cases: prevent scratches and the device from breaking. Apple's recent products have become notorious in certain circles for their propensity to break easily but believe me, when you put this case on the iPod Touch, there's absolutely no way that could possibly happen. 

This is an innovative 3 layer design that adds an inner layer of plastic, which is about as strong as most other cases out there. It's pretty standard by those standards. But what really sets is apart is the rubber-esque case that goes on the outside of that. It's actually a polycarbonate shell to be more specific with a silicone skin. Combined there's nothing that can get through this case. 

And the best part is that even with these extra layers of protection, the device functions completely normally. The power button is still readily available so you have the ability to turn off and reset your device if necessary. There are silicone plugs going over the plug for the USB cable and headphone jack that can easily be pulled back for those cords. But when in standard position, the ports are completely closed off from dust and anything else that could seep in by mistake. 

There's also a clear membrane that protects the screen of the iPod Touch that will do away with any need to go out and buy any screen protectors from any manufacturer. Even if you drop your iPod Touch, the screen will remain safe due to the protective screen that's harder and yet more visibly pleasing than normal screen protectors. It will always be centered perfectly as it's connected to the polycarbonate shell, providing the third layer of protection presumably. 

The only minor problem that I had with this device, and will affect very, very few of you, is that it is not compatible with the IDAPT, the device I use to charge my iPod Touch normally. You have to undress the iPod completely to get it to fit on the iPod port as the Otterbox case is too big to be able to get the iPod to fit on the connector but that's only a minor detail. 

Sure it's a little bigger than most other cases and the silicone can possibly get stuck in your pants, making it hard to take the device out, but in reality it doesn't make it any bigger than a standard iPhone and still isn't that hard to get out. There really aren't any humongous problems outside of the IDAPT issue, which affects virtually nobody but me. 

All in all, the Otterbox Defender Case for iPod Touch is the perfect device to protect your iPod from scratches, dust, falling and whatever other harm could potentially reach your treasured Apple product. It's at the top of the market in terms of structure, with its 3 layers of protection, and durability while also looking awesome and possibly being the most stylish case available. Due to those reasons and others previously stated, I'm going to give the iPod Touch Defender Case my highest recommendation. 

[Otterbox iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd Generation Defender Series Case] -$29.95

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