LG Blocks European PS3 Sales

David Liu March 1, 2011 0

Oh dear. It seems that Sony's PlayStation 3-related court issues have expanded beyond prosecuting hackers as LG has just filed a preliminary injunction against Sony in Europe, temporarily blocking all PS3 shipments into the continent. LG claims that Sony has infringed on several of its patents, including ones relating to Blu-ray playback. The injunction mandates that all PS3 shipments coming into Europe must be confiscated for at least 10 days; LG could apply to have the time extended. Retailers typically have two to three weeks' supply of consoles in stock, but should the import ban be extended, Europeans might see a shortage of consoles in stores. Worst-case scenario? LG will take a cut of every PS3 sold, hurting Sony's bottom line. As Sony already loses a considerable amount of money per console sold, it's hard to say what effect—if any —a royalty to LG will have on the price of PS3's worldwide.

Read more at The Guardian.

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