iMainGo X Portable Speaker Case for iPod/iPhone Review

Patrick Nosker February 14, 2011 0

If you read my iMainGo 2 review you would know I was very impressed with what such tiny speakers could sound like.  Well, the company has one-upped its previous product with the new iMainGo X.  Is it any better?

Yes, the iMainGo X is better.  Here's why:

-Instead of batteries that have to be changed every so often, you get a built in Lithium Ion rechargable battery

-You get a headphone splitter built in

-You can use a microphone with it for a small portable PA system

-The speakers sound slightly better


The iMainGo X is almost twice as much money though.  Are the new features worth an additional $30?  It depends how much you use it.  Batteries are expensive.  When you have to replace them after a week of listening, it takes about four months and the $30 difference is already made up.  The iMainGo X will run for up to 15 hours on a charge.  That's pretty awesome.  It's also worth it if you want to be able to amplify your voice for a small audience.  Don't forget, this tiny case easily beats out many full size iPod docks.

[iMainGo X] – $69.95

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