CES 2011: Chill Pill Audio Mobile Speakers Review

Matthew Torino January 21, 2011 0

When I received my review sample of my Chill Pill Audio Mobile Speakers in the mail, I had no idea what I was getting. I knew they were supposed to be small and when I got a miniature package in the mail that didn't seem like it could hold a hamster, I had to check the shipping label to see what it was. Alas it was my Chill Pill sample that was supposed to arrive and when I took them out there was a lot of packaging so the speakers were even smaller than I could have imagined. But just because they're extremely small, don't underestimate these speakers as they pack more high quality sound and bass into one tiny device than you could ever imagine. Without further ado, here's our review of the Chill Pill Audio Mobile Speakers.


These speakers are extraordinarily tiny and come magnetically stuck together to make them seem even smaller than they are. While they both look like domes which isn't that strange when they're separated, when together they actually resemble a pill capsule which is really cool branding for the company that's still getting its name out there. They're easily pulled apart and only then can you see the structure of the speakers.

The top of the speakers is twistable to fine tune the sound to your liking. The default setting isn't useful however as it just sounds like there's a ton of interference and when the company advertises interference free cables between the speakers, that would seem to be a problem. But once you read the directions and see that you have to adjust the sound yourself, you can unlock the larger than expected bass sound and get rid of the pseudo interference. Once you do this, the speakers really show off their true power.

Most of the time you turn up low quality speakers, whether they're really cheap ones bought off the amazon marketplace or the stock pair that are installed in your laptop, the bass overpowers the rest of the music and you can almost feel the poor quality of the sound. The music can become incomprehensible and you start wondering why you didn't pony up the extra $10 to get the higher quality speakers. But with these those concerns can be thrown out the window. Chill Pill Mobile Speakers can be used for pretty much any mobile device you've got ranging from iPods to laptop computers.

My old speakers that I bought for about $1.99 weren't exactly of the highest variety. Sound coming from movies or TV shows I had downloaded were distorted. When they got loud you couldn't understand anything and your ears felt like they were going to fall off. It wasn't a good time. But obviously nothing close to that happened when I got the Chill Pill speakers up and running. The sound was very smooth and sounded as you would expect. The bass was very strong but not overpowering and you can always turn it down substantially with nothing but a simple twist.

I only have one major problem when it comes to these speakers and that would be a lack of bluetooth. You always have to plug these into a headphone jack which can be very inconvenient as wires can very easily get in the way and get tangled. They can be a nuisance if placed in the wrong area of your very small IKEA desk. If they were of the bluetooth variety, I could just place them on top of my computer or monitor or wherever I could find open space but unfortunately that isn't the case. But even without that feature these are probably some of the best speakers I've ever had for my computer.

When you have the aformentioned very small Flaark desk that barely can fit both a desk calendar and a computer, these speakers fit beautifully. I barely had to clear any room for them at all and you don't even notice them most of the time. You can fold them down or stick their magnets back together to combine them and they'll take even less space. These speakers are perfect for traveling as they can fold down to 2" X 4" which can fit in nearly any area of your bag and are much smaller than the normal stock computer speakers you'll be sold at Best Buy.

In terms of the amount of power per area, you can't beat the pound for pound ability of the Chill Pill Audio Mobile Speakers. They're perfect for traveling and spreading the sound of any mobile device with a headphone jack that you have. It'll be very hard for any set of mobile speakers to be able to beat this combination and for now, Chill Pill holds the belt.

[Chill Pill Audio Mobile Speakers- $49.99]

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