IDAPT i3 Innovative Adapter Review

Matthew Torino December 10, 2010 0

Do you want most of your devices to be charged? Yes? Then you probably have to get a surge protector and plug all of their individual cables and power adapters into different outlets to be able to charge them all at once. But isn't there an easier way? I have good news for all of you with this problem out there as I introduce you to the IDAPT i3 Innovative Adapter which can charge up to three gadgets at once while just being plugged into one outlet! But does it do these jobs as well or do the designers have some work to do?


The IDAPT is a device that's designed to charge up to three different gadgets at once as part of one plugged in device. You can plug things like your mp3 player, cell phone, PSP and digital camera into an IDAPT and they will all be charged at once. The best part is that they'll all charge at the same rate and quality as if you plugged them straight into a normal outlet so there's no risk of using the IDAPT. Everything will be charged the same way and you won't be able to tell the difference by the end of the charging cycle. They still have the same battery life.

There are many adapters given with the device ranging from the normal like micro USB to more specialized ones like Sony Ericsson phones but pretty much any device you own will be able to be used with the IDAPT for charging purposes. The only thing is not every different kind of charging tip will be given with the device. On the cover of the box there is clearly a Nintendo DS Lite charging and there's a picture of one of those tips in the manual, but it is nowhere to be found in the box. I feel like it would be more useful than the Ericsson one to most people but that's just me. Any kind of iPod and most normal phones will be able to be charged in the IDAPT so have no worries. It may be best to check online as to whether your specific phone will work with it. For example, my Palm Centro can't work with the IDAPT since there are none made specifically for that unusual tip.

But the IDAPT will save energy as there's a switch so you can turn it off when it's not in use without unplugging it and it only takes up one outlet as well. It's also very easy to use as you can easily exchange the tips as they very simply pop in and out and also come with a piece that they fit and line up into for easy access and storage when not in use. You can even buy a tip to recharge certain batteries as well. But the best part clearly is that all three of the devices you have plugged in can charge at the same time with no interference of any kind.

The IDAPT has a few problems such as not including all the tips with the purchase of the device and the inclusion of seemingly random ones like the Ericsson but the device has a lot of potential and when you have all the tips, pretty much anything you have has the ability to be charged by the IDAPT.


[IDAPT i3 Charging System] – $39.37

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