NBA Jam Online Features Will Not be Ready at Launch

Matthew Torino October 21, 2010 0

While NBA Jam will be hitting the PS3 and Xbox 360 systems sans NBA Elite come November 17th according to EA Sports, not all of its online features will be available within the first month of release. While there will be classic 2 v. 2 available right away, the more non-classic modes won't be available until a free update hits in December for all online gamers. Remix games, free for all, 21 and others will available once the update comes out at an unspecified date in December. Exclusive rewards will also be available through an online progression system similar to leveling up found in RPGs.

These modes are in addition to the Classic Campaign mode of facing the league in 2 v. 2 offline as well as the Remix mode that's being brought over from the highly acclaimed Wii version. It really shouldn't be surprising that the online modes will be delayed though since we've only known for less than a month that this game is actually going to come out as a stand alone version. The Wi version is the 8th best Wii game according to Metacritic and the PS3/360 versions will be one of the most highly anticipated sports titles of the year, so we're eagerly anticipating this game releasing in mid November.

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