From the Sega NYCC Booth: Thor and Captain America

Matthew Torino October 10, 2010 0

Visiting the Sega booth at New York Comic Con was a little disheartening at first as one of the first things you lay eyes on is the newest Sonic game which is kind of just depressing at this point, so I didn't even give it a second look. But what I did go there to see, Thor: God of Thunder and Captain America Super Soldier, look like they can be winners for Sega in the future.


The main attraction of the booth was the Thor: God of Thunder video shown by the developers. It was open to the public but there really wasn't any private information. There was obviously no recording allowed since it's so new and the company really didn't want them to show anything at this point. But if you're going to showcase a comic book game based on an upcoming movie, New York Comic Con is probably the place to do it.

Fans of the series are going to be in awe when they see this game. While the upcoming movie based on the comic series looks like it's going to leave some of the main Thor arenas out of the film, the game is taking places that will be familiar to fans and using them as locales. The developers are adamant that this game isn't just going to be a movie tie in game that follows the exact plot of the movie.

It's functioning as something of a showcase for Thor that feels like it really isn't that tied up with the movie. Sure it's going to get promotional help from that area but it's really its own separate entity. You aren't following the movie's plot, just any random thing that Thor could be doing in his universe.

The Wii is also getting its own version with more cartoony/cel-shaded graphics. You can use the Wii-mote as the mjolnir, Thor's weapon, to swing around and hurl it at the bad guys. In both versions there really are a host of attacks you have at your disposal as Thor.

We'll have more coverage of Thor once more info comes available, but the game is a long way from release and Sega will have big announcements regarding the game around December 2010.

The other game showcased at the Sega booth was the recently announced Captain America: Super Soldier. There really was no video with the game, just one of the developers playing around with it in demo form. According to him it was too unstable for any of us to play with just because it wasn't very far along in the development cycle yet.

The gameplay from the looks of it seems like a God of War clone. It seems like a sophisticated hack and slash that could be really good or slightly above Dynasty Warriors. There's really no way to tell at this point. You can do fun things like hurl around his shield and beat the crap out of bad guys but that's all to be expected.

Since none of us could actually get our hands on the game, we couldn't tell how it felt or anything like that so there's very little we can draw so far. But the graphics, at least of Captain America look flawless. You can see paint chips on his costume's scales and really see the detail in all the characters around him. As for the backgrounds and environments, the textures don't seem that sophisticated yet but it's really early in the game's cycle so I'm not going to crucify Sega for that yet. Just the fact that the Captain looks this good so far is good enough for me. It's honestly bordering on distracting for how good the graphics are of him. Fantastic doesn't do it justice.

We'll have more information on both of these games as it becomes available, but stayed tuned for more of our NYCC coverage on

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