New York Comic Con Coverage: Style

Matthew Torino October 7, 2010 0

This Friday and Saturday, Jon Maltz and I will be heading to New York Comic Con, with him going solo on Friday and both of us being there on Saturday for pretty much all day. So far we have appointments lined up with Sega for their Thor: God of Thunder project, Disney Interactive for Epic Mickey and Rockstar for a Red Dead Redemption DLC showcase. We'll also be making stops at places like the Square Enix booth to play Kingdom Hearts's newest game for the first time and at MIMOBOT to see and test their character flash drives. There will also be much tech and comic sightings in our travels as well as random things like a Corey Feldman panel on Saturday morning. Since we can't live blog the event due to the Javits Center charging for Wi-Fi, we want to know if there's anything anybody out there wants to see at Comic Con. It can be any of the panels, exhibits, booths or celebrities on hand. People like Curt Schilling, Seth Green and Rob Corddry will be there, as well as graphic novelists like Frank Miller so just let us know what or who you want to see!

Let us know in the comments or drop us a line on Twitter @mtorino75 and @maltzj!

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