Sports Gaming Digest: Madden Edition

Matthew Torino August 13, 2010 0

With this week essentially being National Sports Gaming Week thanks to Madden 11's release, and there being little news outside of 2K's addition of a Michael Jordan Legend Challenge and the NHL demo being released the 17th, I thought it would be appropriate to have a Madden exclusive bunch of links for this week's Sports Gaming Digest. They're as delicious as a Turducken.

First off, while waiting for our full review of Madden likely to come out on Monday, here's Pastapadre and IGN's reviews of the game. While they're not as harsh as many had predicted, it isn't exactly winning game of the year. NHL still looks like the favorite for sports game of the year once again.

IGN has a list of ways to Maddenize your life. Maybe you'll laugh once. I don't know. Read it anyway. I dare you. They've also got a video on how to dominate in Madden. Coming from the RUDM Madden 10 Champion, have fun trying though the only real way to do it is years of practice. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two.

Operation Sports also has their full review of the game as well as a blog on what EA should focus on for Madden 12 and a review specifically of the hated (by me at least) GameFlow feature.

Gamerankings has a roundup of all the Madden review scores to date. Currently it stands at about 87% for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

For those who are interested, Pastapadre has posted a review of Madden 11 for iPhone. I may have impressions on this later next week thanks to my newly jailbroken iPod Touch.

ESPN's got their Madden Game Center live that includes interviews with the NFL players who play Madden, many screenshots, ratings and an Outside the Lines piece on Madden's history.

Sports Illustrated has galleries that display football games from "Mattel to Madden," the history of the Madden curse and 22 years of Madden featuring its high and low points.

Stay tuned to for all your tech news and reviews and get ready for our Madden 11 review for PS3 on Monday.


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