Selfish and Elite? Get an iPad!

Patrick Nosker July 27, 2010 0

If you're selfish and have a lot of money, join your peers and purchase an iPad!  A story by Wired showed that iPad owners are far less altruistic than non-owners and critics of the iPad are independent geeks rather than selfish elites.  The story reports that the iPad appeals mainly to self-centered workaholics and tend to not be kind or help others.  A suspected reason is that the iPad is expensive and appears to not fill any need.

My only impression of the article is: If someone's got $500 to spend on something useless, if they spend it on themselves instead of using some to help others– isn't it obvious that they're probably not the most altruistic person around?  I'm glad I haven't got an iPad…

Read at Wired

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