Wilson Electronics Sleek Booster Review

Patrick Nosker July 11, 2010 0

After having so much help from the iBooster in terms of signal, I had to try the new Sleek booster which is good for all phones.  The main difference between the boosters is that the Sleek is compatible with all phones and doesn't charge the iPhone (obviously) since it's universal.  It's got variablefitment and uses the car's 12 volt supply.

Much like the iBooster, the Sleek worked wonders on both a Samsung and Nokia phone that I tested.  In the same New Jersey test location, the signal was again boosted from "No Service" to full signal.  It was again, quite impressive.  There weren't many issues with the device either.  My only complaint is that the base is pretty short and a little odd to attach vertically.  I also wish there were a modular charging system for phones too similar to the iBooster, but this would obviously add to the cost of the unit.  Like the iBooster, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either system for your phone.  If you have an iPhone, get the iBooster.  If you have any other, definitely get the Sleek.  It's amazing how much it can help the signal.  The bottom line is, if you need to increase your signal strength or increase your data speeds, get the Sleek.  Paired with a good bluetooth device, it's an unstoppable tool to help you keep in contact wherever you may be.



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