Squaretrade iPhone Warranty is Excellent!

Patrick Nosker June 17, 2010 0

Since I'm a T-mobile customer, I am stuck with buying used iPhones.  About a year ago, I purchased an iPhone 3G on eBay for $274.99, unlocked it, and used it until a few weeks ago.  A couple of months ago, I noticed that the iPhone camera and proximity sensors both stopped working.  I dealt with it, but upon hearing about the iPhone 4, I decided to get an iPhone 3GS from an early adopter on eBay.  Luckily, I got a Squaretrade warranty on the iPhone 3G in case something like this happened.  Armed with a discount coupon, I purchased the iPhone warranty.  I sent the iPhone 3G into get evaluated and was told today that my iPhone 3G was unrepairable and I would be issued a refund for the full $274.99.  In two days or less, another $274.99 will be sitting in my Paypal inbox.  I didn't even restore the iPhone to remove the jailbreak or unlock.  The folks at Squaretrade did an excellent job.  I was emailed an overnight shipping label after starting my claim and within three days was promised a refund.  Pretty good for less than the cost of AppleCare.  I bought another warranty for my iPhone 3GS in case something like this happens again.  Squaretrade did an excellent job and I think everyone should get one.  Just search for a coupon code first as it could cut up to 50% off the cost.

Squaretrade: www.squaretrade.com

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