Sports Gaming Digest #1

Matthew Torino May 21, 2010 0

This is the inaugural edition of the Weekly Sports Gaming Digest coming weeks after I originally promised it coming up right after the jump and the amateur graphic. There's news on Madden, NHL and UFC this week as we head into Summer 2010.

–First off EA unveiled the first screenshot for NHL 11 that shows off the game's new real time physics engine. Chris Kunitz is being flipped over a defenseman in a manner that would be a welcomed change from the canned hits in NHL 10. A broken stick can also be seen in the background, showing another new feature that's always been lacking from NHL games.

–The first UFC 2010 reviews have been released and it's receiving nothing but praise. It's being called an improvement over the first game which was lauded as one of the best of 2009, as well as being a top seller. Online play hasn't been reviewed yet as servers were not live at the time of the reviews.

–In other UFC news, THQ has made it mandatory to use a code bundled with a newly purchased game to play online. This is an unwelcome change but one that is gaining popularity in the industry as they try to halt the used gaming market. EA is doing something similar with its Online Pass. FAQs on the online pass can be read here.

–EA has released the first info on NCAA Football 11's Dynasty Mode. The recruiting process has been improved and hopefully sped up. Their goal is to make it more fun and faster while also being deeper. The blog posting can be read here.

–Both MLB 2K10 and MLB 10: The Show have recently released patches to help get the kinks out of their games. The info can be read here for 2K10 and here for The Show.

–The Tiger Woods 11 Demo has been released for 360 and PS3 prior to any info being released on the game except that Woods will be on the cover. No word on whether any of the mistresses are unlockable characters.

–EA Sports released its E3 2010 lineup with NCAA, Madden, Tiger Woods, NHL and NBA Live making appearances. There's no word on whether NBA Jam or EA MMA will make appearances though it wouldn't make sense for them not to.

–In older news, EA has released a new blog on Madden that details the improved run blocking. It can be found here. They've been saying it'll be improved for years so I'll believe it when I see it.

–In racing game news, the demo for the highly anticipated PSN game Mod Nation Racers has been released. In short it's a game where the user has control over the track and racers. Customization is the key to it all. Full information on the game can be found here.

Stay tuned to as we preview video games and technology and even somehow have an E3 rep. Crazy stuff. Also read the science section. I don't understand it but you might.

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