MLB 10: The Show Review

Matthew Torino May 18, 2010 0

MLB 10: The Show didn't change that much from its winning formula for its newest release, at least nothing that big. But it's the little things, just like in real life baseball, that make this game special.

MLB 10: The Show really didn't change that much from the last couple of releases for the dominant baseball title. But little things have been tweaked and added to make this one of the most complete baseball games I've ever played, even in the ballpark with the formerly incomparable MVP Baseball 2005. It takes many pages out of that heralded game's book and brings them for the first time to the next generation.

After the franchise mode was radically redone last year, adding things like arbitration and tendering contracts to baseball games for the first time, they followed the same pattern as MVP 2005. They added what is essentially an owner mode, or at least a more in depth one. There's always been bits of an owner mode, but not a full blown one like this. These elements were previously in the game but seem to be a more prominent feature. Maybe I just didn't notice them before, but I certainly paid more attention. It's a small addition, but a worthwhile one, at least in terms of placement.

I haven't played that much online but I understand that some of the problems were fixed from last year, but not all. Patches have been working to fix the problems of the game, including those in franchise mode, and have been seeming to improve the overall performance of the game.

The gameplay, as always, is where the game has always shined. Little things are everywhere. Third base coaches give signs. Pitchers touch the rosin. Umpire can be hit square in the nuts by an errant foul. Bats go flying into the stands. The things are just everywhere and I've noticed something new with every game I've played. 

Most games have batting stances of star players in tact, but leave out players below that level. But in this game, I've recognized batting stances that I wouldn't expect. Every stance that seems recognizable is in the game. I've been watching the Yankee games for years and know most of their stances and have to say that everyone I recognized was perfect. It was uncanny. There were also things like armbands with numbers, pitch counts on the scoreboards and the entrances and signature celebrations. This was really my favorite part as Derek Jeter and Robby Cano did a flying chest bump. But overall I was just astounded by Mo Rivera's entrance with the cross making and overall appearance. I was amazed.

Overall, the game isn't that much changed from the last one. Pitches have been sped up, which helps hitting and they just seem more realistic. The road to the show mode is just as in depth as ever and still deeper than the versions in Madden and NHL. There really isn't anything big, but the little things add up to the best baseball game I've played since MVP 2005.


MLB 10: The Show- 9/10

Gameplay: 9.5

Audio/Visual: 8.5

Multiplayer: 7.5

Replayability: 9

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